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The 10mm ammo is a powerful semi-pistol cartridge. In 1983, US Marine Jeff Cooper launched it. Lieutenant Colonel John Dean Cooper was the one who promoted it. The 10mm ammunition is a medium-velocity cartridge with increased power and enhanced external ballistics. The FBI approved it in 1989, and the FBI’s Training Unit afterward assured that the recoil of this cartridge is considerable, and it is the best cartridge to be used in training police or new agents who only have basic how-know. We have 10mm ammo for sale

Other cartridges can’t keep competing with the 10mm ammo because a flight path will be less curved and have a high velocity. You can use it for all purposes like defense, or hunting, etc. This rimless cartridge is often used for white-tailed deer hunting in many countries of the world. Many popular manufacturing brands are still producing this cartridge because of its quality and performance. Some of these manufacturing brands are Nosler, Federal, Liberty. All 3 were the most leading brands.

The Nosler 10mm ammunition has superb performance and 1150 fps of muzzle velocity, and high accuracy.
Federal 10mm ammo has 1100 fps at muzzle velocity.
Liberty 10mm ammunition has 2,400 fps of muzzle velocity.

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