The 45 ACP Ammo for sale is an ideal and affordable pistol cartridge developed by John Moses back in 1904. Law-enforcement agencies have widely used it before the adoption of the .9mm ammunition. It is the most viable choice for personal and home defense. There are different ammunition manufacturers for the same caliber. In the same way, it remains the best choice by shooters in different varieties of applications.  

The maximum muzzle velocity is around 1350ft/s. It has very considerably more recoil and less body penetration as compared to other handgun competitors. However, there has a bit of a difference in the dimensions of the bullet. It is slightly thicker than its counterparts. Although, it is much reasonably priced and can be a good choice for home defense.  It serves the purpose of point-and-shoot, from self-defense to conventional industrial weapons, such as guns and revolvers. As you know, the 45 acp ammo was greatly accepted since it fits hundreds of gun manufacturers and, above all, because it was versatile. The well-known pistols and revolvers it is available in every standard caliber.

What are the different types of .45 ACP Ammo?

Firstly, The .45 ACP ammo is available in different types and manufacturers. The most famous four types are: 

Full metal jacket (FMJ): 

The .45 FMJ ammunition has a lead bullet enclosed with a covering of copper or other strong metal that helps to preserve its shape until it strikes. Sometimes, cartridges are known as entire metal case (FMC) ammunition.

Jacketed hollow point (JHP):  

Again , .45 ACP JHP ammunition contains a lead ballet implanted within a rigid metal as well. Still, the bullet has an internal hollow tip instead of a spherical ball, increasing its impact and penetration power.

Advanced energy transfer (AET):  

More to that , AET ammunition is sometimes referred to as frangible ammunition. Because it appears like regular ammo, however, this bullet breaks into tiny bits of complex materials when it hits its target (as long as the target is more challenging than the bullet).

Total metal jacket (TMJ): 

 The TMJ is very much the same as FMJ. It is a bullet entirely coated in hard material. The distinction between the two is that FMJ ammunition reveals a tiny quantity of lead at the bottom of the bullet. At the same time, TMJ entirely deals with the bullet — reducing the lead exposure of the shooter.

What are the famous manufacturers for .45 ACP Ammo?

A variety of ammunition manufacturers produce .45 acp ammo. The most authentic & affordable manufacturers are Federal Ammo, Remington Ammo, PMC Ammo, and many others. We have plenty of stocks of well-known manufacturers. 

Why should you buy 45 ACP Ammo from us? 

To begin,Hunter Ammo Shop is the only widely known online seller of many ammunitions of various calibers. The most extensive range of ammunition manufacturers makes us distinctive. Instant delivery service is considerably more approachable for your day.

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