The 243 Winchester ammo is a well-known sports rifle cartridge. It was first introduced in 1955 and is still one of the most popular hunting cartridges today. As a short action cartridge, it was designed for both small and medium games. It’s frequently used to hunt pronghorns, mules, whitetail, and blacktail deer. It’s suitable for both light and heavy rounds. 243 ammo for sale

This cartridge is extremely accurate and can easily move out to 300 yards or more, but it may not have the lethal energy to drop medium game from a long distance. Because of its low recoil and rapid velocity, hunters love the 243 Winchester ammo.

Aside from hunters, this cartridge is frequently employed by target and metallic silhouette shooters due to its high velocity, low recoil, and high accuracy. At our store, you can get this cartridge in various brand labels that produce high-quality ammunition. Some of our top-selling are:

Nosler .243 Winchester
Barnes Vor-Tx .243 Winchester
Sierra GameChanger .243 Winchester
Hornady Precision Hunter .243 Winchester
Barnes Vor-Tx .243 Winchester
Sierra GameChanger .243 Winchester
Hornady Superformance .243 Winchester
Federal Premium Power-Shok .243 Winchester
Remington Core-Lokt .243 Winchester ammo for sale

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