30 super carry ammo for sale

What is 30 super carry ammo?

30 super carry ammo  for sale is a rimless pistol cartridge introduced by Federal Premium in early 2022.It was designed as a competitor to 9×19mm Luger and .380 ACP for use in semi-automatic handguns, where its smaller dimensions are intended to permit greater magazine capacity without increasing physical magazine size. The cartridge’s ballistic performance is claimed by its manufacturers to rival that of 9×19 Luger.

30 super carry ammo vs 9mm

30 Super Carry is based on the performance or the .45 ACP cartridge and is intended to provide similar performance in a smaller package. The 30 Super Carry is generally considered to be more powerful than the 9mm, but it may also have more recoil.

 30 Super Carry cartridge from Federal Ammunition is a logical round for those wanting performance similar to a 9mm-along with the benefit of additional rounds in the same magazine space, due to the . 30 Super Carry’s smaller size.

. The 30 Super Carry is slimmer but the same overall length as the 9mm. It’s loaded with a bullet that’s just a fraction smaller in diameter than the 9mm and is generally loaded with lighter-weight bullets as well. The 9mm has a century of use and proven results backing it while the 30 Super Carry does not.

Where to buy 30 super carry ammo

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