350 Remington Magnum

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.350 Remington Magnum was introduced in 1965 by Remingtons Arms Company for the Model 600 rifle. It was later offered in the Model 660 and Model 700 (one numerous various caliber configurations) rifles but was discontinued as a regular factory chambering in 1974 after a poor sales record. Remington has also offered the Model Seven MS from their Custom Shop and a limited edition 700 Classic in recent years chambered in .350 Remington Magnum. Remington began chambering the round in the new Model 673 Guide Rifle in 2002.This caliber was also sold as a chambereds size configuration in a line of long range shooting and competition handguns, the Remington XP-100.

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At the time of its introduction the .350 Remington Magnum had a short, fat case, similar to the current crop of short magnums except that the .350 carries a belt. Its closest competitor, the .35 Whelen was still just a wildcat from a necked-up .30-06, so the .350 Rem was the most powerful .35 caliber around, and in a short cartridge that allowed the use in compact quick-handling rifles. However, gun writers and shooters of the time were not yet enamored of the short-fat concept as they are today, and they preferred the older longer .35 Whelen based on the .30-06 cartridge, even though it had, at best, similar performance in short barrels.Today the .350 Rem has had some improvement in acceptance, due to the shorter cartridge being able to fit in a .308 length action


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